What can you gain from Chinese studying?

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We are living in the century of globalization, and English is seen as an international language. In high school, studying other languages such as Spanish, French, German or Latin are just  subjects and we can forget it when finishing the course. Nonetheless, in these days, Chinese is developing step by step and becomes one of interesting subjects in high school and college. Furthermore, more and more people learn Chinese through online courses on the Internet. Why? We can find that Chinese is so popular that more than 1 billion people speak it. The Chinese language not only creates joy for Chinese learners in studying but also brings a useful tool for businessmen and tourists on the world. 


Chinese brings to you the way to easily approach to one of countries which has the biggest population in the world. We can see people use standard Mandarin in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, China, Singapore, Malaysia and a lot of areas. If you expect to expand your business in Asian market, especially China which is rapidly growing market for Western products and services, I am sure that Chinese language is the first important factor you need.


Everyone knows China as a powerful economy and with the role of host country of 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing; it is more and more well-known in the world. From this event, language Chinese draws more concern of businessmen as well as travelers. It is not completely easy to learn, particularly writing. However, it is no longer problem with the adoption of Simplified Chinese characters and the development Hanya Pinyin. The adoption of the Simplified Chinese character system in 1954 cut many complex symbols. Because the characters now are simple and common, you are easy to learn Chinese even writing skill that is viewed as the most difficult skill.


In 40,000 characters in the Chinese dictionary, only with 3,000 characters you have ability to read newspaper. If you learn Chinese, you will have to remember from 6,000 to 7,000 characters. But if you learn English, there are 8,000 words that you need to remember and speak regularly. So in some extends, learning English is more difficult than learning Chinese.


Today, you do not have to take part in course at language centers or college. Chinese online courses are very convenient for you. You will have opportunity to listen to native speaker's conversations that help you pronounce correctly. By learning the usage of pinyin, you can read and pronounce main characters quickly. On contrary to English, most Chinese characters are in single sound and the principle of Chinese is not as flexible as that of English.


You can learn Chinese at many sources but Mando Mandarin (http://www.mandomandarin.com) can be the most popular and effective website. This website contains lessons with Chinese private tutors that will improve your language without taking much of time.


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What can you gain from Chinese studying?

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This article was published on 2009/11/30